I'm looking for someone who can contract out a few hours a week to help maintain a Radiant install with a Wordpress blog in a directory below root, so domain.tld/blog. The application is currently running on Thin proxied to Apache and the Wordpress runs on mod_php5. The front end has some javascript in jquery, completely unobtrusive. We're heavily focused on SEO. We are open to moving the blog portion to Radiant, but there's much data that would need to be moved over. In essence, we would be paying someone to create the Wordpress-Radiant migrator.

The only potentially tricky part is we've written an extension that helps manage requests for Whitepapers/Downloads, and as part of that post contact information to Salesforce. It's not that complex and we're going to be releasing the extension as soon as we get it cleaned up somewhat.

I need someone who has a Swiss-army knife of skills. This would be a contracting position and that would be ongoing. For more information, email me directly.

Josh Schairbaum
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