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On 2008-09-08, at 07:52 , Sean Cribbs wrote:

vendor/rails is actually in vendor/radiant (thus
vendor/radiant/vendor/rails ) if you have frozen.

Well, here's the output from "radiant newapp" from a "sudo gem install radiant" that I ran on my work machine not five minutes ago. (I'm pasting everything -- which is a hair on the long side -- just to make sure.) No /radiant in /vendor. I'm at a loss as to what's going on. Both my home and work machines are Macs, but my hosting provider runs a Linux setup (forget which flavor).


Hi John

If you are using Radiant as a gem, it will *not* have a directory called vendor/radiant in your project directory - whenever you need the Radiant functionality, it will automatically use the gem that's installed on the system. There's a common gem that's used by all the projects that you may have.

If, for some reason, you *do* want a Radiant/ Rails install to be inside your project directory (e.g. if you're not sure which gems are on your host and you just want to be sure that all the necessary stuff is included within your project) - you can 'freeze' the Radiant gem inside your project.

If you do that, you'll have the directory there.

Hope this helps.

9/8/2008 | 10:39 PM.

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