Christopher Dwan wrote:
Before this gets under way, would it make sense for someone to define some standards/ conventions for building the templates? It would be great if the templates that come out of this are somewhat interchangeable, or tending in that direction.

I absolutely agree with you!  We need to define 2 things:
1. Templates: Are they 'style templates' that apply to a standard site type, e.g. to a blog, a company site, etc. - or are templates 'site templates' - including standard pages, etc. (e.g. Styled Blog and Simple Blog in the current Radiant). We should define this so that it's a little clearer what people will design. I think 'site templates' are a bit of a pre-requisite for 'style templates'.

2. Standard sections: We should minimize duplication. Therefore, we should try to reuse standard names as far as possible, exactly as what you have suggested. Technically, for each site template, there would be a set of standard snippets, parts, etc. These would include site_menu, nav_bar, tags_area (for blog), tag_cloud (too specific?), headings, header, footer, etc. This is what a style sheet would aim to supply.


Assuming primary navigation will typically / always live in a snippet. Can we agree to generally always call it by a certain name, e.g. 'nav' or 'navigation' or 'nav_bar' ?
I hope John & Sean can guide a bit in this area?

Radiant is beautiful in the way it allows so much freedom in the layout and design of a site. On the other hand, if a series of templates was created, it would be nice if they aren't all approached in radically different ways... A little bit of convention could go a long ways toward building momentum.
Convention over configuration of course :)

**Proposed action point:**
Would it make sense for someone to create a sqlite database or packaged Radiant instance as a basis for all submitted templates?

I'm not very good at themes, but again, like Summer Reboot, I'm willing to coordinate this!

9/9/2008 | 1:49 PM.

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