You're right - svn update does not work on an export.  If you want to
stay in sync with the source then you'll need to do a checkout (co) so
you use the svn update command.

And if you're using your own code repository to manage your build, then
you might want to investigate the svn:externals flags as well - they
allow you to have a reference to an external svn project, but not
require that you check the entire thing into your repository. -
scroll down to the "...or another" heading.



On 11/9/2008, "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>What is the best way to add extensions managed with svn to a project, co
>or export? I am about to pull in Chris's SNS extension and would like to
>set it up so that I can stay in sync with his changes. AFAIK, svn update
>doesn't work on an export. I could be wrong, I am no svn expert.
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