Sean, that would be great, thanks!
Alan, that would be great, thanks - the Summer Reboot has been eerily quiet of late!

9/17/2008 | 12:06 AM.

Alan wrote:
In reference to the "Radiant as a Blog" documentation (which I signed up for) I have been working on it and am almost ready for the editing process, however I have been slammed with work and am getting married in less then a month. So needless to say, spare time has been very hard to come by.

However with the direct interest in how to use Radiant as a blog I will through up some documentation appropriate for those who are familiar with Radiant. Basically a guide on which extensions work well together and with the latest version of Radiant. I have used the combination to put up two blogs.

I will put that up tonight (EDT) with the intent of adding the full version (targeted at the Radiant newbie) in the next month.

I use comments, tags (2.0 tag cloud kind), blog tags (next/prev/time ago in words), sns, and maybe one or two others. However, some versions of these extensions will not work with each other.


Sean Cribbs wrote:

Yes, the primary features for the blogging release are already mostly developed by people who aren't members of the dev team - "web 2.0"-style tags, comments on every page, etc. I suspect what we'll do is fork those extensions into the 'radiant' account on github and have our hackers contribute back to them. John and I planned all of those features to be extensions anyway.

If you guys want more detail about my setup, I'm willing to share the Radius code as well.


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