Because of (a limitation in) the way the Radius parser is implemented, you cannot put Radius tags in the page that will not be interpreted. Radius is also interpreted before any filter is run. If you want them to appear in the output as they would in the input, you must escape the <> characters manually.


Jasper Kooij wrote:
How do I show the radius tag in the copy of the page?

I've entered this:

    <r:meta:description />
    <r:meta:keywords />

in my body copy in the admin but it always renders no matter which
filter I use, even none. With textile I get the following html

<p><em>Meta Tags</em> &#8211; if you do not put them in the layout then
they won&#8217;t appear! So make sure you get these in:</p>

    &lt;meta name="description" content="" /&gt;
    &lt;meta name="keywords" content="" /&gt;

  <p>to get</p>

This is a clean install of 0.6.9 on

the site itself is not quite together yet since I did the install last
sunday and have been working on the design implementation figuring out
the inner workings of implementing a design onto Radiant. That's after
all the best way to learn! I finally have some time to get this going.


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