Hi and thanks for the quick answer!

On Sep 26, 2008, at 07:14 , Jim Gay wrote:

Just to prevent any confusion, its the 'default_order' plugin, not extension And take a look at http://github.com/avonderluft/radiant-page_list_view-extension/tree/master for another way to do it

I think ordering by title is great for a CMS. For a blog it makes less sense, but Radiant was built first to be a CMS.

OK, so this means that the order of all of the things in the three would be according to date? That's not exactly what I was looking for, the best option would be if only the articles (ie. blog posts/news articles) would be ordered by date, the rest may well be ordered alphabetically. (Or in fact ordering by weight would be useful, so that the user could for example define the order in which the normal (static) pages should appear in the menu by dragging and dropping them into the right order in the back-end three. But that's a different story.)

On Sep 26, 2008, at 12:01 AM, Sean Cribbs wrote:

That should be a simple extension to write. Radiant includes the ancient but useful 'default_order' extension, so this should hopefully do the trick (inside your extension's activate method):

Page.class_eval { order_by 'published_at DESC' }

If you simply want to order by creation date, use 'created_at DESC' instead.


Cheers! I'll look in to either one of those options, need to get into how extensions work anyways. :)
However, I still have a concern that I asked about above in this mail.

Simon Rönnqvist wrote:

I'm really new to Radiant, so I might have missed something basic.. however I was unable to find the answer when looking around for a while.

I find it a bit strange that Radiant shows article ordered by title in the admin back-end by default. Is there at least an easy way to change this behavior so that they'd be ordered by date there too (and not only on the actual web page)?

cheers, Simon

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