Supose I've got 6 children pages, if I write:

  <r:children:each offset="3">...</r:childen:each>

it behaves like a pure


showing all 6 pages.

But if I write:

  <r:children:each limit="6" offset="3">...</r:childen:each>

it works correctly, showing only the last three.

Is it correct?

I recently ran into this confusing problem too.

Here are the relevant specs:

which test children:each given a limit, or an offset with a limit. But there is no spec for an offset without a limit. When I saw this, I tried adding a limit to my children:each tag (which had only an offset), and reached the same conclusion as Gabriel.

Page.find(:all, :offset => 3) returns all pages.
This is essentially what the children:each does (scoped to a particular page)
If this is incorrect behavior, it's with ActiveRecord::Base

As Jim points out, the behaviour is defined at the level of ActiveRecord.

I wonder if an interim solution might be for the children:each tag to set a default limit of a very high number (such as 10,000). This way, you could call:

  <r:children:each offset="3">...</r:childen:each>

which would run something like:

Page.find(:all, :offset => 3, :limit => 10000)

and produce the expected effect of returning all pages after the first 3. (As long as you have less than 10000 pages!)

Any thoughts?

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