Nate: Thanks for the response.  I agree that what you are saying is 
true.  I am trying to balance performance against maintainability of the 
site.  Perhaps you have a better suggestion for what I want to 
accomplish.  I want to be able to run multiple version of the site (one 
for development and one for production).  I understand that radiant has 
dev and prod 'modes' but this is not really quite what I want.  For 
example I want to be able to edit a page (and its attachments) for 
somebody to review without modifying the existing production version of 
that page.  I figured that if everything were stored in the database it 
would make things easier.  I would just need to dump the dev database 
and import it into the prod database when I want to go live with 
changes.  Thanks in advance for any suggesions you might have.

John: Thanks -- perhaps I will try this if nobody has a better idea for 
managing content (based on what I wrote just above).

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