This is the code I have in the body part of my /works/ page. I would like to
generate tabs for each one of the child pages, and show the "body" part of
the /works/print/ page in the works id by default. Then have each one of the
tabs refresh the works id with it's content.

The code below works except for one small problem: it wants to put the
entire html page into the works id. I only want the content part. In the
link I cannot use double quotes because it breaks the tag. I would like to
be able to specify <r:content part="body" /> in the link where the <r:url />
tag is. Can anybody help me out with the correct syntax here to refresh the
works id with the body part of the child pages?

<div id="works_nav">
      <li><a href="javascript:void loadTab( '<r:url />' )"><r:breadcrumb
<div id="works">
function loadTab( tab ) {
  new Ajax.Updater( 'works', tab, { method: 'get' } );
loadTab( '/works/print/' );


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