On Oct 2, 2008, at 6:52 PM, Andrew Neil wrote:
I've written a new article for the wiki, which follows on from the original "Creating Radiant Extensions"[1] tutorial. It demonstrates how to remove the scaffolding from your extension, and style it so that it looks more like it belongs in Radiant. Find it here:


I would be very pleased if anyone could follow it though, and let me know if everything makes sense. It is a wiki, so do please fix any typos or factual errors.

I was originally planning to merge this directly into the "Creating Radiant Extensions" article. When I first read that article, it recommended using scaffold :link in the LinksController, but since Radiant moved onto Rails 2 this method hasn't worked. There is a section now in the article called "Hacking a Scaffolded Controller and Views", which I hadn't seen before. I considered deleting that section, and replacing it with the article above, but I wondered if it made the article just too long.

Great stuff here Andrew. Why don't you merge this with the original tutorial (delete the Hacking section), but make your article a "Part 2" on a separate page. That way it will complete the original tutorial.

Excellent work on this, BTW.

John Long
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