Sean Cribbs wrote:
[about the problem loading Page subclasses during bootstrap]

This seems to have reappeared in 0.6.9; the above commit is still in place, but with PostgreSQL on Fedora Core 9, I'm getting:

% rake --trace development db:bootstrap

rake aborted!
PGError: ERROR:  relation "pages" does not exist
: SELECT DISTINCT class_name FROM pages WHERE class_name <> '' AND class_name IS NOT NULL
/usr/lib64/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/radiant-0.6.9/app/models/page.rb:195:in `load_subclasses'

which is the do |config|

line. I've got a stock environment.rb file, and strangely, I was able to db:bootstrap the production database a few hours ago; I only ran into this because script/extension install redcloth4 apparently does the db:bootstrap (or migrate, or something) itself.

Changing line 195 to be "unless true or ..." works around the problem during bootstrap.

Jay Levitt
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