On 07.10.2008, at 20:42, Jim Gay wrote:

Thanks for catching that.
I added in the complex strings stuff so it was my mistake.
Benny (github.com/jomz) has been managing this extension so you could fork the extension, make the changes, and send him the pull request.

So there is a kind of best practice doing this? Could you please guide me (and probably some others ;-) through this process? I'm fairly new to git/github.

While asking the question I thought of RTFM ;-) and there it is:


1. I klick on the fork button on github (done)
2. clone it from there
3. add the old origin as e.g. upstream
4. make the changes
5. push to own repo
6. klick on the pull request button.

no that is community developing. great stuff

cu edi
DI Edmund Haselwanter, [EMAIL PROTECTED], http://edmund.haselwanter.com/

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