On Oct 8, 2008, at 01:10 , Josh French wrote:

I'm working on a pair of sites for a client that will be on two
subdomains and hosted on a shared host (Dreamhost). I thought the
multi-site extension would be ideal for that but have not yet figured
out how to do this under Phusion Passenger, the preferred Rails
deployment method at DH.

To allow mod_rewrite, add this to your apache conf:
RailsAllowModRewrite on

SInce we're talking Dreamhost here... editing apache.conf can't be done (unless they provide some kind of smart Dreamhostish workaround for it that I am unaware of). Not even with the Dreamhost PS (Private Server) service you have root access to your server.

Passenger's issue with mod_rewrite is that the default .htaccess supplied with Rails tries to funnel all requests through one of the dispatchers, so be sure to remove either the entire .htaccess file from /public, or remove everything but those parts you know you need (e.g. static caching, as Jay Levitt mentioned.)

However, we've successfully served multiple subdomains without resorting to mod_rewrite by defining each subdomain from within the multisite extension -- main.tld and sub.main.tld, both being served from a single Radiant instance. Is that your use case? Your question implies you've got a dev or preview domain that may need additional http authentication -- that's also possible, but I don't want to confuse the issue if that's not your scenario.

  From one thing to another. A couple of questions occurred to me:
Does using the multisite extension provide any benefit when it comes to performance, when using mod_rails? Or does it just affect how you maintain the site?

And the same thing about this: Does deploying several 'unpacked' Radiant installations performancewise have any downsides as opposed to using Radiant as a gem (sharing more code in between the installations), here too using mod_rails. I guess the same kind of logic applies for using Rails from the vendor-directory vs. not doing that, too.

  cheers, Simon
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