On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 11:11 PM, Adam van den Hoven <

> I've put a new article on the wiki at
> http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Install_Dreamhost_Using_SSH
>  that outlines how to get radiant running directly on dreamhost
> without using sftp or Capistrano. It strikes me as the approach to
> take for someone who is using Radiant as just a CMS; that is someone
> who just wants to get to the point of writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript
> as quickly as possible and then hand off the whole thing to the
> content authors.

Nice timing. I was just gearing up for a 14-hour Saturday in which I plan to
go from registering a domain name to having a finish Radiant site on

> Oh yeah. Its written in a rather personal style which someone may want
> to change. And its very opinionated in that I list 10 or so extensions
> that every installation should have... unless you have a compelling
> reason not to use one but then you're probably not the target audience
> for this article. ;)

I suppose I should get my fork of Chris Parrish's SnS SVN repos updated
since SnS and SnS Minifier are #9 & #10. I'm going to add SnS Sass filter
since I personally believe that every web developer everywhere should be
using it. I do hope that the list of extensions everyone needs stays short.

I've made a couple minor edits to streamline the process. Thanks, Adam.


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