On Oct 16, 2008, at 11:17 AM, Jeffrey Jones wrote:

Hoi all,

Does anyone know how I could get the following working?

<ul class="sidemenu" id="<r:slug/>" <r:unless_url matches="<r:slug/ >" ignore_case="true"> style="display: none;"</r:unless_url> >

Basically, if the page's slug is in the url somewhere I want the css style display to be none. I have tried with double and single quotes but this doesn't appear to be working. Using a hard-coded value instead works. I am assuming the <r:slug/> isn't being translated to the actual slug value before being matched in the regexp.



You can't put radius tags inside attributes of radius tags.

Perhaps this will do it:
<ul class="sidemenu" id="<r:slug/>" <r:if_self > style="display: none;"</r:if_self >>

if_self will expand it's contents if the context of the current radius page may be found with the current url.
Also look into if_ancestor_or_self

Jim Gay

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