On Oct 18, 2008, at 3:33 PM, Sean Cribbs wrote:

Manuel Meurer wrote:
That block won't be called until it hits <r:yield /> in the snippet.

Right, but I think what Casper is looking for is a way to define a
snippet parameter in the inner template of <r:snippet> with <r:var
name="foo">...</r:var> in the page and then access it via <r:var
name="foo" /> in the snippet, not using <r:yield />.

Yes, but assuming those <r:var> tags are implemented, the context of the rendering will still be inside the snippet. Semantics.

I have a need for something like this in a current project, and it just seems to make sense for the Radiant core. I'll contribute my time to the effort, but are there any currently pending specs for this (in a fork or extension)?


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