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> I am also eyeing the page_groups extension because it is a tad out of date,
> it needs one change to make it work in rails 2.1 and it could also do with a
> few new features (Such as displaying group access on the "List" view that is
> enabled by the epnymous extension).

My repo for the page_group_permissions extension was created just to extract
that particular extension from the radiant-extensions repo created by freels
(http://github.com/freels/radiant-extensions/tree/master). I haven't really
updated it since it was created, so any work you put into it would be
greatly appreciated.

By the way, list: I needed to search GitHub to find freels' repo just now,
and thought "this is a great opportunity to write something for Ubiquity".
Happily, I was able to write a command in less than five minutes, and it
works like a charm. Have a look at http://gist.github.com/19081.

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