Hello all. I'm finally releasing an extension that I've mentioned over the last year on the list. I think that it has a lot of power and potential but I could use some input from the Radiant clan.

The Conditional Tags Extension (http://github.com/SwankInnovations/radiant-conditional-tags-extension/tree/master) creates <r:if> and <r:unless> tags that allow for flexible (and customizable) conditions. Start with the README there -- it covers what I'm thinking and a lot of what this thing can do.

I want this extension to be very easy to use for users (read: non-developers) and also helpful to developers (I wrote it so that your extensions can plug into the conditionals framework to easily add your own values). Please help me make this one as useful as possible.


BTW, I apologize if this ends up being a double post. I think I goofed something up when I sent it last night so I wanted to make sure...
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