That's an easy one. It's because I didn't implement an evaluator for "status. Doh!

I am working on a v0.2 right now and will add that. I think I'll implement "status" and have it return a string ("published", "draft", etc.)

So to be more clear to everyone, in v0.1 I've implemented the following symbolic elements:

   * title
   * breadcrumb
   * slug
   * url -
   * author
   * content:
         o content  ->  an array of page part names
         o content['part name']  -> returns the contents of the part
           (or nil if it doesn't exist)
         o content[] -> returns the body part
   * content.count -> the number of page parts
   * mode -> returns "dev" or "live" depeding on the site mode

One of the places I could use help from everyone is finding holes (like "status") so that I can put them into the extension. I would also welcome criticism about my naming (for instance, I've wondered about using "parts" instead of "content").


Ok, upon first use I am running into a few problems (Naturally since I said this would be useful for development-minded people and have therefore excluded myself as murphy's law dictates).

I am trying to use the page status as the condition and have:

<r:if condition="status equals 'Published'">...</r:if>

However this results in an error on the page of:

'if' tag error: unable to interpret element "status" in condition

I have also tried with a "'status_id equals '100'" just to be sure but that results in the same error message.

Any pointers on what I am doing wrong would be much appreciated.

Jeffrey Jones


<Mr. Burns> Eeeeeeexcellent </Mr. Burns>

While I can see the advantage of a small set of standard <if_xxx> tags
to make things easier for normal users the flexibility provided by
these tags will come in useful for the  more development-minded.


Quoting Chris Parrish <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Hello all.  I'm finally releasing an extension that I've mentioned over
the last year on the list.  I think that it has a lot of power and
potential but I could use some input from the Radiant clan.

The Conditional Tags Extension
( creates <r:if> and <r:unless> tags that allow for flexible (and customizable) conditions. Start with the README there -- it covers what I'm thinking and a lot of what this thing can

I want this extension to be very easy to use for users (read:
non-developers) and also helpful to developers (I wrote it so that your
extensions can plug into the conditionals framework to easily add your
own values).  Please help me make this one as useful as possible.


BTW, I apologize if this ends up being a double post.  I think I goofed
something up when I sent it last night so I wanted to make sure...
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