Adam van den Hoven wrote:
What I mean is:
1) I decide to use your tag instead of creating my own special purpose if_ and unless tags. I document it in my README 2) Like some existing extensions do, I inject a page or a snippet or a layout into the database that uses my extension and yours 3) A user installs my extension because my announcement was so mind blowingly awesome but doesn't really read the README
4) The user's site blows up because your extension is missing

The problem isn't with your extension. The problem is that there is no standard way, no best practice to ensure at some point that the requirements are met and gracefully allow the user to remedy that. Its a Radiant problem.

Why not test for your extension's dependencies on load? For instance, my soon-to-be-announced variables extension has the following line in the activate method for the extension:

raise "The Variables Extension requires that the Conditional Tags extension be loaded first" unless defined?(ConditionalTags)

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