The term "tags" is, of necessity, overloaded in Radiant; we have Radius tags, and we have radiant-tagging-extension "tagging as in '2.0' and tagclouds" tags.

That makes it difficult to search for questions, blog posts, etc. on either type of tag. But "tags" is the right word; it's what everyone else uses, and making up a new term would be both futile and confusing.

Why not refer to the radiant-tagging-extension tags as "taggs"? The meaning is still clear, but it uniquifies the tagcloud meaning (modulo the occasional misspelling).


PS - Yeah, I'm procrastinating; what's it to you?

PPS - I'm not sure if this suggestion would imply that the radiant-tagging-extension should be renamed to radiant-taggging extension...
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