>> I think that there is a place for these tags and I'd love it if there was
>> an easy way to use this to create both if_ and unless_ tags. Something like:
>> conditional_tags "my_tag" do |tag|
>>  #return a boolean
>>  false
>> end
>> which would then create if_my_tag and unless_my_tag tags. For the if_ tag,
>> the contents of the tag is executed when block returns true, and the reverse
>> happens for the unless_ tag.
> This is interesting.  I'll have to think about this.  Essentially what
> you're going for here is the removal of the attributes (something I agree
> with).  I bet my extension would be more comfortable if only you could
> write:
>  <r:if content exists?>

This would not be valid XML.
Attributes must have a value.

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