I've been doing a bit of testing I've found that an instance of Radiant +Rails easily eats up up to 80MB of memory for a while when using mod_rails, after a while one of the processes dies and about half of the memory usage is left hanging for quite some time. (I'm using Dreamhost so I don't think I can configure the timeout periods in any ways.) So this leaves me with the conclusion that the only sensible way to host small Radiant-sites is using the multi-site extension, even when using mod_rails (at least at Dreamhost where you can't shorten the timeout periods for things).

So because of this I might want to jam all of the small sites that I've made for my customers into a single multi-site installation of Radiant. But what do I do then if I for some reason later would have to move one site out of that installation? Do I just copy & paste all of the material? No that can't be the case, can it? :)

  cheers, Simon
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