On Oct 27, 2008, at 8:59 PM, Nate Turnage wrote:
Is everybody still asleep after the long weekend? I am dying to hear how
things went with the sprint. Sean? John? Anyone?

It was a great weekend Nate. Sean headed up the work on the code and I worked with people who were interested in helping implement the new design. I'll let Sean tell you more about the work that was begun on code, but I can tell you a little of what was accomplished on the design side.

The most visible stuff was integrating the work Chris Parrish has done on the HTML for the new design. You can see some of the results in the prototype. (There's a README in the prototype project on GitHub for getting it up and running.)

Jim Gay spent some time working on rewriting the HTML for the treeview to use a list instead of a table. He didn't complete it, but some valuable things were learned along the way and we had some good discussions about how the real-estate can be better used on the pages tab.

Daniel Beach worked on the HTML for custom page attributes. When this is integrated it will make it easier for people to add custom attributes to pages for configuration and some of the other things that they are using page parts for. You can see some of the results in his fork of the radiant prototype.

Justin Blecher did some wireframes that sparked some of the treeview discussions and wrote up some excellent suggestions for improvements to the website and documentation.

I pretty much presided over the work being done and talked a lot. :-) To me the most valuable part of the weekend was not so much the work that was done, but the relationships that were formed. I am hoping that the groundwork was laid for some exciting contributions from folks in the future.

As a side note anyone interested in helping with design stuff on Radiant should check out the radiant-mockups and radiant-prototype projects on GitHub. The mockups project contains a lot of the ideas for the new UI. And the prototype contains the HTML for some of the new things that are being developed. If you are interested in helping, fork the prototype, implement your idea, and tell us about it on the mailing list. If we like it, your changes will be incorporated into the official prototype and will be slated for development for sometime in the future. Also contributions and improvements on the HTML and CSS are welcome!

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