I've just pushed the latest changes to GitHub (http://github.com/SwankInnovations/radiant-conditional-tags-extension/tree/master) -- and there are quite a few changes:

   * Radically improved the way other extensions can create their own
     evaluators (look for a new extension from me later today that
     demonstrates this)
   * Added new (and corrected existing) built-in evaluators.  Currently
     you can evaluate:
         o Page properties via: title, breadcrumb, slug, url,
           description, keyword, status, created-by, updated-by
         o Page Parts via: content[part name], parts (lists all names)
         o site-mode (returns 'dev' or 'live')
         o children (lists all names)
         o children.count
   * Finished implementing 'includes' and 'includes-any' comparison so
     now you can compare whether: "children includes-any ['about',
   * Vastly improved specs and code coverage.  I even added some spec
     helpers so extension developers can quickly spec their custom

There's more to come, but I'd like to see how useful all this is to the community as a whole. This is also a funky domain and I would welcome ideas about syntax, approach, whatever. There are certainly some limitations that radius tags impose here but I'd still like to find a way to yield the most power -- but it *must* be in the most non-programmer-friendly way.

So, feedback please.

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