I tried to figure out how to use the <r:mailer:if_success>-tag, but couldn't find any effect no matter where I put it in the form template... and no matter what I used as a redirect_to (I also tried without one and having the form page as the redirect_to page).

I used it like this: <r:mailer:if_success>Thanks!</r:mailer:if_success>

Another thing that I noticed is that there's no real explanation to how you call variables in the email templates: http://github.com/radiant/radiant-mailer-extension/tree/master ...apart from <r:mailer:get name="" /> showing up in the list of tags that can be used in the form, which isn't really accurate. However I figured this one out by looking in the comments in the code, as the handbook recommends. :)

  cheers, Simon
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