Jay Levitt said the following on 11/14/2008 06:19 PM:
> Sean Cribbs wrote:
>> I have decided to extend the Template Contest deadline to January 1, 
>> 2009.  Sadly, we received no entries by the October 31 deadline.  
> [...]
> So I could contribute that. BUT: It won't be a full "template", in the sense 
> that there's no art, and not much graphic design; it's really an 
> infrastructure thing, not a ready-to-use template.  It should make it easier 
> for someone to create a nicely-done theme, though.  (In fact, I was thinking 
> that if I released it, it should have some godawful hideous colors to force 
> users to change them...)

Are we actually artists?  I'm not.

I've taken one of Andreas Viklund's 'free' designs, isolated areas,
factored out snippets, dug out a logo from years ago, stuff and stuff an

The trouble is that a lot of the snippets are being made obsolete as new
stuff gets written (like 'siblings' and other ways of doing navigation).
Assets or paperclips?

But the result isn't something I think could be submitted as its too
geared towards the one site, too may things like the logo and navigation
not 'generalized'.

But it does raise another question.  There are some good basic templates
out there.   Andreas Viklund also has some excellent models of two and
three panel layouts with various arrangements.  Perhaps we should look
to packaging those - with permission and acknowledgement of course.

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