Hey Adam,

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 8:02 AM, Adam van den Hoven
> I'm trying out the dynamic_image extension and I'm running into a small
> problem. I keep getting "unable to open image
> `/public/dynamic_images/19b15c4d2dbe9802f43d7a171b27196e.png': No such file
> or directory: " in my output. Now I'm assuming that its a permissions issue
> but I'm not sure what permissions to give the directory. Or is there
> something else I'm missing (if it helps, i'm on Dreamhost running
> Passenger). Any thoughts?

Change into your project directory and give us the output of

  ls -la
  ls -la public
  ls -la public/dynamic_images/19b15c4d2dbe9802f43d7a171b27196e.png

In this case, you should consider to join the IRC channel #radiantcms
on Freenode to get more interactive support...

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