I've been doing something similar using snippets and layouts. Is there a fundamental difference between your version and this?

What I do now:

  1. In my layout I put the following code:

     <r:if_content part="intro"><r:content part="intro" /></r:if_content>
     <r:content />

  2. I also have a snippet named "intro" with the following:

     <r:content part="intro" /> <r:link>More...</r:link>

  3. When creating a page I can create an "intro" tab and put my
     intro/teaser paragraph.  I then continue the body of my page
     content in the "body" tab.

  4. When I'm on a page where I want to create the intro bit, I just do:

     <r:find url="url/to/page/with/intro"><r:snippet name="intro"></r:find>


Arik Jones wrote:
This is my first (albeit simple) extension for RadiantCMS. The summarize
extension provides functionality that allows you to excerpt/summarize a
part of your page's content. It basically allows you to create a teaser.
The link tells the story a little better.


Check it out.

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