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1. On an average Radiant site that doesn't have much updates and uses out-of-box caching, what kind of memory do you see being used for the Mongrel? How many Mongrels should I cluster? I was thinking that I should cluster 2 or 3 since I'm going to serve the images from the public folder directly.

I have found that two mongrels is about the limit for a 256MB VPS (with apache and mysql), but your site could be happy with just one ( uses just 1). In testing on my MacBook Pro, Mongrel takes around 65MB with a basic Radiant site. The same site with Thin takes 34MB. You should consider using Thin if you can, especially if you want to run more than one app. Make sure you have at least Thin 1.0, earlier versions had some strange problems with Radiant.

Sean, thanks! I think HostingRails' "dedicated memory" option is different from a VPS. It guarantees you a certain amount of memory in a "shared hosting" setting. I guess that means it should exclude the Apache & MySQL. Given that, if 65MB is the rough number you are observing, I guess I can only squeeze in 2x Mongrels for Radiant at that stage. I may have to move to a VPS/ dedicated server at a later stage, but right now, I'm quite short on time and don't really feel like setting up almost everything from scratch... let me see what I can manage in this time.

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