Anton J Aylward wrote:
Gap said the following on 12/02/2008 07:52 AM:
My experience is that I've never gotten this error.  The slug and
breadcrumb is autoautomatically create from the title.

Indeed, but its when creating _NEW_ pages.

I keep running into a slightly different problem.
I'm using the page_event extension (minor problems with it but that's
another matter) and many of the events are presentations that occur
monthly.  All that changes is the date, speaker and subject.

So I 'clone' (aka 'copy') the previous month's page, change the title
and little bit of the content.  The "<r:events:date />" in there takes
care of the date :-)

But on the copy the slug only gets a "-2"  added and the breadcrumb
doesn't change.  They don't change when the title is changed.

I'd like to have them change.   Really.

I'm sure a case could be made for changing them when the title is changed.

I believe that if you manually adjust the slug & bread crumb once, Radiant will not automatically change it in accordance with the title. I think that is good behaviour since defaults should change automatically, but once it's been fixed, it should hold that, not jump around because you create/ change the title.

That said, if you're creating new pages by copying and saving with a new different title, you really should "copy" the "copy and move" way - it would be perfect for your needs.

I wrote up about it on Summer Reboot:

12/2/2008 | 11:49 PM.

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