I tried the last version of share_layouts on github but I got the same 
problem... maybe it's a mistake of one of my extension.
I will check in a new Radiant project later.

I have another problem with share_layouts. I created a page and add some 
content :

<h2><r:title /></h2>
<br />

<r:content part="query" />
<r:flash id="form_project_query" />
<r:form id="project" action="/project-add-query" 
  <r:text_field id="query" label="Add a new query" validations="filled" 
  <input type="hidden" name="project[project_id]" value="<r:content 
part="project_id" />" />
  <r:submit value="Add" />
  <r:notice_required_fields />
<br />

And in my view :
- content_for :title do
  = @project.topic

- content_for :project_id do
  = @project.id

- content_for :query do
  - @project.queries.each do |query|
    %li= query.search_string

It is working in development mode but not in production. What could 
change between both of them?

Thanks !
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