Here's what I did to get the reorder extension working after getting a
similar error.  No warranties express or implied....

   1. rake ray:ext name=reorder (this gave me "uninitialized constant
   2. Find the extension on
   3. Click 
   4. Find the commit that made the extension compatible with 0.7.0 restful
   controllers:  "Updated to work with more RESTful admin
   5. Copy the commit before that one:
   6. Back in the shell:  git reset --hard
   7. rake -T reorder to look for tasks that might not have been run
   8. rake radiant:extensions:reorder:migrate
   9. rake radiant:extensions:reorder:update
   10. rake ray:restart

(Later I discovered the migration apparently hadn't worked right, and I
redid it with rake radiant:extensions:reorder:migrate VERSION=0 and rake
radiant:extensions:reorder:migrate, but that might have been an unrelated
problem, and anyway, you're interested in a different extension, plus you
might not be using ray and/or git, so who knows, maybe this whole thing is
irrelevant.  But I hope someone can use it.)

In your case, you might also be able to just use the Paperclipped extension,
which I think serves roughly the same purpose as PageAttachments, and the
current github version (Keith
anyway) works with Radiant 0.6.9.  If you're using ray, use rake
ray:assetsto install it.

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 12:17 PM, Jose Hales-Garcia <>wrote:

> Running the migration for PageAttachments I ran into an error claiming the
> module Admin::PagesController doesn't exist.  (I'm currently working with
> Radiant 0.6.9.)  I changed the module name reference in
> page_attachments_extension.rb to Admin::PageController just to get the
> migration working.
> Should I be doing things differently while things are advancing to the new
> code-base?  (I did try out the Git edge version but it produced different
> errors, so I backed out of it.)
> Jose
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