I'm running into a bit of a quandary.  Let's say I'm doing a code
example with some HTML, and I'd like to show a list example.  Due to
the fact I don't really want to deal with textile, <notextile> tags,
etc, I enter it in html entities:

    Some text
  # more here...

Okay, great.  Save that, and it's rendered beautifully with <r:content />.

However, if I re-open the document in the admin panel to be edited,
all my HTML entities have been converted into the actual characters in
the textarea; ie < and >.  This means that to save this page again, I
need to go through and manually convert all the entities again so that
I won't show *actual* lists on the page.  Buzzkill.

Any ideas on how to address this issue?  I don't see anything
immediately telling in the models or views that indicate a conversion
is being made, but this seems to occur consistently across browsers.


Bruce Williams
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