I was searching through the archives and came across a mention of 0.7 (that
I can no longer find) having it's own asset manager, ala.
page_attachments/paperclipped, and was wondering if in fact it was based on
either of those. I could have sworn that page_attachments was the basis for
it, and that begs the questions: (1) Will the currently attached files
automagically work with the new system? (2) If a site already has
paperclipped set up and working, will the new asset manager interfere with
its normal operation?

The reason I am asking is because I am rebuilding a site based on 0.6.7 that
just would not upgrade to 0.6.9 and I am taking this opportunity to try and
build it with an eye toward keeping it more current, especially with 0.7 so
close to completion. I have already had to trick page_attachments to migrate
(using Admin::PageController.send instead of Admin::PagesController.send)
because I had already been using page_attachments on the project, but if the
0.7 asset manager is based on paperclipped, now would be the best time for
me to make the change.

Does anybody have any more info about how assets are going to be handled in


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