On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 9:31 PM, Nate Turnage <pixeln...@gmail.com> wrote:

> With the most current version of the copy_move extension and v. 0.6.9 I get
> this "error" for every page in the list of pages:
*`copy_move_extra_th' default partial not found!
> I have used this extension in the past without any problems at all, but in
> building (rebuilding) a project this weekend I am having this problem. I
> can
> only imagine it is because of this comment in three places from the latest
> commit: "used the new
> admin_pages_url<
> http://github.com/pilu/radiant-copy-move/commit/07015cd85bca4af44a182775e7979e965f1acc94
> >"
> . Again, I imagine this is to allow for the extension to work with v. 0.7
> but it seems to break compatibility with 0.6.9. Am I wrong?

Actually, it was the commit before that:


pilu updated his extension for Radiant 0.7.0, breaking it for 0.6.9. Just
rename RADIANT_ROOT/vendor/extensions/copy_move/app/views/pages to "page".

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