You are missing the mysql development headers. Depending on your distribution they come in various packages. Something along the lines of mysql-devel or something like that


Vincent Pérès wrote:

I found new stuff linked (I hope) to my bug with share_layouts.

In the rails page model, I did a debug in the console :
def build_parts_from_hash!(content)
    content.each do |k,v|
      puts "$$$$$$$$ part : " + k.to_s
      puts "$$$$$$$$ part content : " + v
      (part(k) || => k.to_s)).content = v

And this is my result :

$$$$$$$$ part : my_part
$$$$$$$$ part content :
I'm in the part
$$$$$$$$ part : body
$$$$$$$$ part content :
WARNING: You're using the Ruby-based MySQL library that ships with Rails. This library is not suited for production. Please install the C-based MySQL library instead (gem install mysql).

I'm using mysql with xampp, the problem is maybe coming from this configuration?

I tried to install the mysql gem, but I have some mysql package missing :
checking for mysql_query() in -lmysqlclient... yes
checking for mysql_ssl_set()... yes
checking for mysql.h... no
checking for mysql/mysql.h... no
*** extconf.rb failed ***

I will try to install mysql from scratch.
But is it normal, do you have any idea?


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