I'm looking for a way to pass dynamic values into the 'name' attribute of r:attachment:image. Is that possible? Below is my rationale.


I'm using page_attachments (which is great) and centralizing often used images in an Images page (I'm doing the same with files).

So I can output one of these common images in any page with:

<r:find url='/images'>
  <r:attachment:image name='check_mark.gif'/>

So far, beginners stuff.

Now I'd like to reduce the amount of chars needed to do this, maybe so it looks something like:

<r:snippet name='images' image='check_mark.gif'/>

In the snippet I'm hoping to be able to do something like: (using the parameterized snippet extension)

<r:attachment:image name="<r:var name='image'/>"/>

Except the above line, as written, doesn't work.

Is there a way of doing this?
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