I'm trying to show a side-menu with a section, so, for example:

- Welcome
+ Items Intro
++ Item A
++ Item B

I'd like to show a list with "Items Intro, Item A, and Item B" on the Items Intro, Item A, and Item B pages- with my current page highlighted.

At present, I'm doing something similar to:

<li <r:if_self> class="selected"</r:if_self><r:unless_self> class="item"</r:unless_self>>
      <a href="<r:url/>"><r:title /></a>

But, as soon as I click on Item A, or Item B, they lose the items (because those are obviously now siblings of the current page). Is there anyway to attempt to find both children and perhaps siblings, or a clever way to avoid having to duplicate the items for each page?


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