> The share_layouts extension: *http://tinyurl.com/share-layouts*
> It allows you to share Radiant view with your own controllers. 
> Theoretically
> you could have a Spree project and a Radiant project share the same 
> views.

So basically you would want Spree to be able to "fit" inside of existing 
Radiant layouts?  That might be possible but it would take quite a bit 
of experimenting.

> It would be great if somebody could figure out a way to turn Spree into 
> an
> extension. Sadly, my Rails_fu is just not up to the task, I could use 
> this.

Eventually someone will get around to trying it.  Just the other day 
somebody was asking about this on spree-user


I will attempt it myself if a paying client ever needs sophisticated CMS 
+ Spree (as opposed to simple CMS which can already be handled without 

Btw, Spree based its extension system on Radiant, so Radiant users will 
feel somewhat at home when working in Spree.

> ~Nate


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