Radiant 0.7.0 Release Candidate 2 is now available ( download from http://radiant.s3.amazonaws.com/radiant-0.7.0-rc2.gem ). Since the last release candidate, we have corrected a lot of issues. Of special note are:

* Things should be smoother in instance mode, including schema dumping and running specs.
* Extension migrations now support timestamped version numbers.
* The scenarios plugin was replaced with its successor, datasets.
* The ubiquitous Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility patch is included.
* The upgrade path for older Radiant installations, including 0.5.x, should be a little smoother.
* The spec suite is compatible with RSpec 1.1.12.
* A number of issues in the admin view templates were corrected.

Enjoy, and please keep sending patches and bug reports!


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