Sean Cribbs wrote:
> Typically I'd do something like this inside the player editing form (in
> Haml):
> - Sport.all.each do |sport|
>   = check_box_tag 'player[sport_ids][]',,
> player.sports.include?(sport), :id => "player_sport_ids_#{}"
>   %label{:for => "player_sport_ids_#{}"}=
> Sean

Okay, got all of this figured out and everything looks good in the 

I had to create a players_sports table with player_id and sport_id 
columns and set has_and_belongs_to_many on player.rb model

The only problem is, it isn't saving to the database on submit. Any tips 
for making it work?

If I make an update method in player_controller, (which inherits 
abstractmodelcontroller), do i also have to make new, edit, remove, etc?
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