Hi folks,

> I was wondering if anyone is using paperclipped with 0.7.0rc2.  It
> seems to be stalling out on uploading an asset.  This could easily be
> something unrelated to 0.7.0rc2.  If anyone knows anything about
> what's going on I'd greatly appreciate the help.

This is due to the new RESTful routes in 0.7; paperclipped is trying to a
named route that no longer exists.
Have a look at the last commit in my fork;

It works with other mime-types, but you have to specify them using the
> Settings extension. You may also need to pare (sp?) down the number of
> mime-types listed as well, because sometimes that field in settings is
> truncated. It's really no big deal, just take out the mime-types you'll
> never use (and there are a few) and replace them with the ones you need.

I also made it skip mimetype validation altogether if you set
Radiant::Config["assets.skip_filetype_validation"] = true

see the github network;

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