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How do I modify the selection to allow this in production environment.

Man, I had just typed up a draft of this same question before I saw yours. I
was looking to do the same thing. What I was trying to do is use the page
content from unpublished pages in a parent page. It makes the info I was
trying to display easier to maintain if I can keep it on a separate page.
But, and this is the key, I don't want anybody to figure out the slug to
view the child page on it's own.

Is that possible? With 4 page status settings, I would think setting the
page to hidden would work, but it doesn't.
Not sure if I understand this correctly, but I think you just have to configure the subdomain where you can view the unpublished pages. (Basically developer viewing). Then, you could create a page that iterates through your entire site (like the sitemap widget) and finds only pages that are not published yet and lists them out.

Is this what you need? If that is the case, I'll try to find out the pieces that you need to look at.

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