Hi Kranthi

kranthi reddy wrote:
Hey Mohit,
I'm also a developer in raadiant...How is this documentation thingy done...Could I be of any help??
I'm planning to use rdoc for this...

Thanks for your email - good to see new faces coming in to help out with documentation.

Currently, all the documentation is handled out of the wiki on the Radiant site. Last year, I helped create a table of contents for a "good set" of documents for the CMS. The project was called Summer Reboot and its main entry point is at: http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Summer_Reboot

I'm hoping to find some time to revamp this page and absorb it into something called the "Radiant Handbook 2009" with a special emphasis on the new 0.7.0 release.

How you (or anyone can help):

Just help us to make it more complete, or identify problems, or put in your experience with making things easier to use!

I'm writing this email in a rush, please ask if there are questions.

2/12/2009 | 12:10 AM.

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