N. Turnage wrote:
I previously added page_attachments to a project as a submodule and checked out commit '81124e9362e' and now I would like to try and check out the 0.6.9 tag instead, but nothing is working.

I tried going to the extension directory and checking out commit 'f07ba434'.

I tried doing 'git reset --hard 0.6.9'.

After both I did the submodule init and update dance, but when I go back to the project root and run 'git submodule' it still shows the old commit being used. How can I force radiant to update the commit that the submodule is using without removing and re-adding the extension?

I downloaded a zip file for the 0.6.9 tag from GitHub.

2/27/2009 | 6:17 PM.

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