On 3/17/09 6:15 AM, N. Turnage wrote:
Hey all,

Trying to get the image title to render as the link title attribute but title="<r:title />" is rendering out as title="&lt;r:title /&gt;" in the following snippet:

<r:attachment:each limit="2" offset="1" order="asc">
<div class="galleryThumb">
<r:attachment:link rel="facebox-cap" title="<r:title />">
<r:attachment:image size="gallery_thumb" />

Can anyone tell me why the less-than and greater than symbols are becoming html names instead of the tag being interpreted?

You are getting this because Radius does not expand tags inside tag attributes. To get around this you could use the radiant-extensions extension (not a good name, I know) [http://github.com/Aissac/radiant-extensions-extension] which, among other things, hacks Radius to do what you need.

Hope this helps.

Istvan Hoka

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