If there's only around 50 pages, that doesn't seem a substantial amount to a quick audit. Also, any of you can feel free to ask questions about specific pages.

Something else someone could do that wouldn't take long:

The current "Home" page on the github wiki is oriented toward developers looking to get involved and is a near-rote transcription of what was on the original Trac site. Someone could copy or move this to a more appropriate page name like "For Developers" or "Contributing" or "Help" or "Getting Started". One could even break this out into separate pages if necessary.


Vassilis Rizopoulos wrote:
John W. Long wrote:
On Apr 7, 2009, at 1:21 PM, Steven Southard wrote:
I'm happy to help. I'll do the first part or the second. It only looks like about 50 pages. Let me know which you want from me.

Awesome Steven. Why don't you start on the first part.

I took a quick look at the site and there's a couple of this that might help expedite the situation:

The root of the wiki is the 'Documentation' page. I guess orphan pages will be handled by the GitHub wiki so you can safely ignore those. But there are a few pages that can be ignored from the beginning (like the "Welcome to Junebug" page). Actually this should be easy, the welcome page has no edit link. Some pages (like admin and dbPrueba - spanish speaking devs I see :) ) don't have any content. You might want to filter them out as well. I think the trickiest part will be the images and how to map the links from one site to the other (see simple_password page). Some pages are marked as obsolete in the title. I don't know if you might want to do some cleanup on that as well. Now, what we did when moving the ruby-lang content was dump the old content as a Hash (i.e. {:title,:date,:author,:content} ) with yaml and then pump it back into radiant. That should make a nice simple handover format for the second stage. Hmmm, I won't deprive you of the pleasure in doing this Steven, although my hands have started itching already :)

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