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Simon Rönnqvist wrote:

Are we really 100% sure that we want to keep the project forever at GitHub? I mean not so long ago SVN was the standard for Rails projects, now Git is in five years something else might be. And even though we'd stick to using Git are we sure that we want to host our things at GitHub forever?

I'm not holding anything against this move, I just thought that other options should be considered too... since we don't want to make this wiki move very often.

Unfortunately, Radiant doesn't have a wiki mode :( otherwise, I'd like to have a Radiant site for the documentation :(

Just my 2 cents, but i think it's not the best solution tu use radiant as a wiki engine. There're so many other solution out there, maybe we just should stick to a mature wiki engine and host it for ourselves?

Or not ;)


Exactly, I wasn't thinking about any wiki system in particular. If nothing good easily easy to integrate into the rest of the site is around then maybe just MediaWiki or something would do, at least people are familiar with it.

And remember... GitHub's wiki might not be a bad idea either... I just thought now is a good time to consider the options, to avoid having to move again any time soon. :) (It's actually strange how seldom project's use their wiki, but maybe people preffer using GitHub as a repo only... having a site of their own for the other stuff.)

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